Agenda TeamUp4Change 2019

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Session 1 – (Scott Liston) The Case for Service – Why Do This? 15 minutes

You can make a difference!

  • Self and community

  • Economics is fundamentally about how we serve each other for mutual benefit

  • While commerce/business has opportunities to bring out our worst nature, it has the possibility to bring out our best too

  • Profit or non-profit; both are OK

Doing this will change you

  • From self-focused to self-sacrificing

  • Learning how to get along with teammates

  • Learning how to create something from my gifts that helps others

Practical points :

How to come up with a good idea?

  • What are we as a team good at and interested in?

  • How can our skills and our interests meet a real need out there?

Workshop 1: ‘Developing Our Service Idea’  - Working time 30 – 45 minutes

For the whole day and all three workshops, Scott, Leigh Ann and Charley are assigned tables they work with – two to three each and move around to those tables helping them during the workshop time.

Session 2 (Leigh Ann) 15 Minutes

Developing and delivering the Plan – (Project Management)

Main Themes:

  • We know we have a limited time for this project (six weeks)

  • Clearly write up what we are trying to accomplish

  • Break it down into steps

  • Understand each other

  • Assign owners and dates

  • Determine how/when we hold each other accountable

  • How to deal with mishaps/changes/things that were unrealistic

  • Stories of those who do it well and those who don’t

Workshop 2: Developing and delivering the Plan 30 – 45 Minutes

A format that will help the team plan and have one that they can begin filling out at their tables

Session 3 (Charley) – 12 to 15 Minutes

How to be a great team!

Main Themes:

Key points from the Four Cs model

Create your team values together  

Live out your team values during the project

Workshop 3: How to be a great team 30 – 45 Minutes

Choose a list of team values from a paper full of them (Dave Murphy’s)

Session 4 - facilitated by Leigh Ann or Charley – 30 minutes

A report back from about three teams that want to share (highlights only)!

  • This is our team project

  • This is our team plan (so far)

  • These are our team values

Session 5 (Scott) – 10 Minutes

The Call to Action

Session 6 (all speakers)– Q&A Panel Discussion – 30 to 45 minutes

Students get to ask questions via SMS or mic