For King and Country John Maxwell in Cluj
Data: 05 iun. 2021, 17:00
Organizator: HeartBeats Events
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Detalii eveniment

The largest Christian music festival in the Eastern Europe and event in Europe. 

A music festival like no other, one that focuses also on a social cause. 
For more info about the event, please visit the HeartBeats website!

There is a constant question amongst the Christian young people today: what is our take on concerts, get togethers and Christian “entertainment”?

There is a search for a healthy vision on combining the Christian life and the out-of-the-church social life.

There is a curiosity on the how to make God’s Message relevant to a society more and more dependent on music and entertainment, to a young generation that is far from God, agnostic at best, with atheist tendencies, despising everything that us church-related.

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The concert organizer mentions that in case of force majeure problems due to COVID19 virus or other similar pandemics, all concert participants will be able to get their money back in the form of a voucher. Also, the concert will be automatically postponed to 2022 according to all contracts negotiated and in force.